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Tuesday, February 28 2012
Think about this statement, as I know we are all contributors, at one time or another, to this vast waste of water and energy:

In a typical home, more than 9,000 gallons of water are wasted while running the faucet waiting for hot water. This equates to as much as 15% of your annual water heating costs being wasted heating this extra 9,000 gallons.

Hard to believe, right? We don’t think twice about doing it every day, yet those few minutes you run that sink or shower to get the temperature you want for shaving and showering add up over time to this enormous waste of our most valuable resource. So what solutions can be offered to rectify this situation and make us all a little more “green” minded instead of absent minded.

The plumbing industry as a whole offers some solutions to this age old problem.

1. Recirculation loop: $$$

If your home is large and your hot water source is over 75 feet from the furthest fixture, plumbing codes suggest the installation of a recirculation loop on the hot water line. This entails a secondary water line from the heating source location, to as close as possible to the furthest fixture, and it gets connected to the hot water line, thus creating a loop. A recirculation pump and aqua stat are then installed, which allows the hot water to be more readily available at all fixtures, thus drastically reducing the time needed for the hot water to reach the fixtures upon demand.

2. Instantaneous or “on demand” point of use water heaters: $$$$

These smaller, yet powerful, water heating units can supply instant hot water to any fixture they are connected to. There is little of no stored hot water in these units, which makes them very efficient. The hot water is created only on an “as need” basis. If your home can allow for easy installation of these units, then these are a great solution to our problem, but in a lot of cases it becomes a very difficult proposition due to lack of space, lack of accessibility to run both piping and electrical wiring etc.

3. Mini recirulation pumping systems: $$

It has been my experience, that in most cases, this simple set up is the most cost effective and best solution to our problem. The product I use is a Laing Auto Circ pump. It is the size of a 12oz can and is installed under the vanity of the furthest fixture away from the hot water heating source. It needs an outlet to operate, and connect to the hot and cold water lines in the cabinet. Once the hot water temperature goes below 85 degrees, the pump comes on and re-circulates the water into the cold water line until the hot water reaches the pump, thus creating a is zero waste water situation. This incredible invention is the most cost effective ( approx. $800 installed ) and practical way to address our waste water problem.

So are you one of the guilty ones who contributes to this problem?

If the answer is YES, then call Barner Murphy, Inc. at 215 945 8560

We will gladly give you a personal quote to help guide you on the path to “Green”, and save you $$$ on both your water and energy bills in doing so.
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