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Saturday, August 20 2022
Preventing a Household Disaster through Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing wasn't always as sophisticated as it is today. Yes, you have pipes and spigots, water pressure, and valves, and when problems arise in any of these components, trouble may soon follow. The struggle for more homeowners recognizes plumbing problems, any of which can lead to a household disaster. Regular plumbing maintenance helps ease all that. 

The Value of Maintenance Checks.

A few simple maintenance checks like those we provide at Barner Murphy, Inc. save you time and frustration, not to mention money. You can certainly try your hand at DYI using online tutorials. Still, often times such efforts end up making more of a mess simply because few people understand the complexities of modern plumping

You can schedule routine checks and maintenance at your convenience to give yourself peace of mind. 

While onsite, professionals look for things like:

  • Damp cabinets
  • Water stains on ceilings
  • Leaking faucets or connections
  • Rusting hot water heaters
  • Dripping refrigerators
  • Sump pump operations

Each of these problems can lead to bigger ones, including mold that impacts your health. When it's discovered that your garbage disposal, for example, requires replacement, you already have someone onsite to assess it and set up that appointment. In some cases, they have the part you need in the truck!

If the inspection reveals more than one problem, you can bundle the work together to save on service calls (always get a written estimate). In general, you should schedule maintenance reviews twice annually so your plumbing is ready for changing seasons. 

Being an Alert Home Owner

As for yourself, we at Barner Murphy suggest keeping an eye open for dripping faucets, moisture under your sinks, and musty smells in your house. Share what you've found with your professional plumber. Do NOT wait. When you recognize an issue, get help right away. Water is very determined. The longer you let an issue go, the more repairs you'll face. 

Another thing that's not difficult is learning basic drain maintenance. Clear out visible debris twice a month. Ensure you have proper drain covers and watch what goes down the sink. If you don't have a drain cover presently, use a towel over the sink for things like shaving, and it will catch the hair instead of having the hair clog things up. 

When you're walking around your home with a professional, ask them to mark your water shut-off valves (they're easily forgotten). Should an appliance like a sink or dishwasher run over, you can use that valve to turn off the water. It will stop water in your entire home, but at least you're avoiding further damage until the plumbing brigade comes to call. 

Plumber Services in Bucks County

Barner Murphy, Inc guarantees quality service completed by experienced professionals. Our work goes beyond maintenance, and we also handle new construction, kitchen and bath design, and replacing or repairing things like gas lines, hoses, sump pumps, and ejector pump systems. 

You can ask the questions you have by using our online contact form. Or call our office at 215-945-8560.

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