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Wednesday, November 30 2016
Master Plumbers of Bucks County

            When it comes to owning a house, there a whole host of concerns and issues to be on top of.  You might be a seasoned home owner, or you might have just purchased your first home.  Regardless of your living situation, there’s one common denominator:  Owning a house takes work.  If you happen to be a busy professional, then chances are that you don’t have luxury time to handle inconvenient home repairs and plumbing issues.  This is where the professionals at Barner Murphy can step in and make your life a lot easier.

            Barner Murphy is proud to serve Bucks county and the surrounding areas.  Each of the experts at our company takes the time to make sure that you feel comfortable addressing your plumbing needs with us.  Because we specialize in a wide range of plumbing services, our professionals know exactly how to handle a broad range of home and residential plumbing needs.  What’s more, we also offer a complete home remodeling service, as well.

            If you live in the Pennsylvania or New Jersey area, then you can rest assured that all of your plumbing need are covered.  Barner Murphy is a specialized group of master plumbers who provide only the highest quality home and residential plumbing services.  We’ve been at this since 1996, and we always of our best to make sure that each and every one of our clients feels respected and understood.  We know that home plumbing repairs can be stressful events, so we do our best to see that you feel reassured about the process.

            Each one of our master plumbers understands the importance of communication and we strive for top-notch customer service in all that we do.  We make sure that if you expect to see us on a job that we’re there to meet you on time and eager to get started.  We go the extra mile when it comes to focusing our efforts on customer satisfaction and we also do whatever it takes to ensure that you feel confident in our services.  We want you to feel happy with our work, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your needs are met.

            Barner Murphy is proud to claim that we are a referral based company.  In fact, we can now claim to have second generation customers using our plumbing services.  This makes us proud, and asserts the fact that we do our best when it comes to providing only the best customer service and only high-quality plumbers.  We are happy to answer any questions that you might have during any phase of the project, and we love to make you feel confident in our final result.

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Monday, November 14 2016
Common Winter Plumbing Problems and How to Avoid Them

            Most of us look forward to the winter season for a variety of reasons.  Most of the time, winter symbolizes good times with family and friends as the holidays draw near.  We enjoy spending time with loved ones, and maybe even cozying up to a warm, crackling fire.  Yet with the coming of winter is the unpredictable weather and its often-unforgiving effects.  If you’re a home-owner, then you are probably already versed in the common winter plumbing issues.  All you need now is a few tips for how to avoid them.

            Cold weather and freezing temperatures can cause more than its fair share of headaches.  Among the top issues for winter weather are frozen pipes, broken water lines and failing hot water systems.  At Barner Murphy, we can help you prepare for these problems so that you’re better equipped with how to handle them when they occur.  If you are a comfortable DIYer, then you might want to tackle these issues alone; yet if you feel like you need a helping hand, Barner Murphy is here to assist.  We can help you minimize your chances of having to deal with these home-owning inconveniences.

            Frozen pipes are one of the most common winter weather issues.  Usually, frozen pipes are the result of high water pressure circulating through the main water pipe.  When the temperature reaches freezing, the pipes are prone to freezing and as a homeowner, you are faced with decreased water supply.  To help avoid dealing with frozen pipes, it’s often advised that you leave the faucet running at just a trickle.  If the water is allowed the opportunity to flow through, then there is less of a chance of it freezing.  Sometimes, however, you’ll still experience a frozen pipe.  When this happens, turn off the main water supply.  This will prevent the pipes from bursting.  You can also try warming the frozen pipe with warm water.

            Another winter headache is a broken water line.  A break in your water line can cause major home damage.  It is best to try and avoid this issue whenever possible, but in the unfortunate event that it occurs, the best course of action is to simply remain calm and try to find the source of the problem.  Usually, a frozen garden hose is to blame for a broken water line, so it’s advised to make sure that these sources of water are shut off before the temperatures actually freeze.  Make sure that your garden hoses are cleared and drained before the summer season ends.  If the problem seems insurmountable, remember that you can always call on Barner Murphy to help.

            Another common winter plumbing problem is a failing hot water system.  If you have a feeling that your hot water heater is not working to its potential, there are a few reasons that might be responsible for the issue.  One of the first steps for handling this problem is making sure that the temperature in the system is set high enough.  For those homeowners with gas heaters, you’ll have to double-check that the pilot light is still lit.  If you cannot detect any obvious issues, then it might be best to hire an expert from Barner Murphy to take a look and see what’s going on.  Seasonal checks on your hot water system can help avoid this issue altogether.       

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