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Wednesday, November 23 2022
Backup Sump Pump Systems

No matter where you live, you know that “water has a way.” When unexpected rains come, the resulting water in your home could prove very damaging. This is not the time for your sump pump to fail. But older systems often do or become overwhelmed.

At Barner Murphy, we suggest having a backup pump system to avoid problems when:

  1. The power goes out. If you have no electricity, your sump pump stops working. A battery backup sump pump then steps in and continues protecting your home from water.
  2. Tripped circuit breaker. As when the power is out, a tripped circuit breaker (or blown fuse) means your sump pump stops 
  3. The sump pump stops working for whatever reason. Sometimes, the float switch gets stuck, which tells the pump to activate. It may take time to get service, so having your backup system is a sound decision. The professionals at Barner Murphy Plumbing and Heating can fix this predicament. 

Additionally, sometimes sump pumps clog. While you rid yourself of the stoppage, the backup system is still robust.

  • Old Age: Major household appliances have a limited life span. Sump pumps usually last about ten years. While shopping around for a new one and a company like Barner Murphy to install it, your backup sump pump keeps safeguarding your home. 

It’s easy to see why a battery backup sump pump has many benefits. There are other good reasons to consider having one, including

  • Saving money. Some people purchase a whole secondary pump system. But, if there’s no electricity, they’re still out of luck with both pumps.
  • Simplified installation. Unlike other plumbing issues, adding a backup sump pump to your system takes little time and can go to work immediately.
  • Self Charging. An adequately installed battery backup charges on its own
  • Fast Response Time. As soon as the switch for the primary pump jams, the backup system responds to the malfunction. 
  • Heavy Lifting. In excessive rain or flash flooding, you can have BOTH systems working together, clearing away any excess water.

Now, you will need a licensed plumber to install your new system. While some may try DYI, no paper trail protects your investment. With Barner Murphy, you get quality work, guaranteed.

You can shop around for systems, which is brilliant when everything is okay. Finding a backup sump pump during emergencies is like finding a generator during a blizzard, and having one certainly provides peace of mind. You can also have our experts look at your situation and provide you with options suited to your home. There’s nothing hidden; you’ll see every detail in our quotes.

The Barner Murphy Difference

We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable, professional staff ready to help you. When it comes time for an upgrade or if you’re thinking about one and have questions, don’t hesitate to call our Levittown, PA office (215-945-8560). 

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