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Thursday, April 18 2019
Top Tips to Avoid Plumbing Problems

There is nothing more frustrating than taking a shower and realizing that the water has risen up to your ankles, or trying to drain the sink after washing dishes to no avail, or hearing your toilet run long into the night. The best way to avoid these plumbing problems is by building some preventative steps into your routine and acting on that now instead of having to deal with the mystery puddle that won’t go away later. So, here are some of our top tips on keeping your pipes in the best shape.

There are a few things that should just never go down the drain in the first place. Avoid future clogs by watching what you put down the drain, and try to keep hair out of bathroom drains, grease and large food particles out of kitchen pipes, and anything besides toilet paper and sewage down the toilet. 
Non-biodegradable items like pre-moistened wipes, paper towels, and feminine products that are flushed down the toilet are one of the biggest problems for clogged sewage pipes. Even if the packaging says that it is safe to flush, it’s better to be safe and simply keep it out of your pipes than take the chance of a clog. 

Similarly, grease should never go down the kitchen drain. It builds up along the pipes and causes lots of problems down the line. Instead, wait for the grease to cool and place it in a plastic bag, then throw it in the trash can. Large food particles should also not be put down the drain, because garbage disposal does not mean garbage can. Scrape your plate into a can and then rinse any smaller particles off into the sink if necessary. 

Clogged showers are very common, and are luckily pretty easy to prevent at a cheap cost. One helpful item that you can try is a drain screen, which will catch all hair and larger particles from going down the drain and creating a problem. If you do find yourself with a hair clog, it’s easy to remedy with a cheap “snake” took — a long stick with teeth down the side to pull the hair out. It won’t be the most pleasant chore, but after clearing the drain and then placing a drain screen over top, the issues should become much less frequent. 

It’s also important to be prepared come cold weather. Make sure all of your hoses are disconnected from outside pipes and completely drained to avoid cracking, and then turn off the valves to keep the pipes from freezing or cracking and causing future leaks.
Keeping your pipes in shape for drastic weather is key, but it’s also important to keep up overall health. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, baking soda does that for the plumber. Periodically flush your sinks with a baking soda mixture or even boiling water to prevent minor buildup that can turn into a problem later.
And finally, make sure you know where your shut-off valve is. You never want to be in a situation where you need to know and can’t find it. Good luck!

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Sunday, April 07 2019
Remodeling Ideas and Trends in 2019

With the arrival of spring comes the need for something new. It’s time for a renovation, and why not start with arguably the most important room in the house — the bathroom! We’ve gathered together the top trends of 2019 to help you spruce up your shower, vanity area, and powder room. 

No matter what kind of change or upgrade you are contemplating, chances are it will give your bathroom a modern touch. It’s the future, and everything floats. “Floating” vanities and storage ledges are popping up all over the place, and are even practical. Since they simply jut out of the wall, that creates way fewer crevices for dust and other bathroom grime to gather and makes the floor way easier to clean. If this futuristic style choice speaks to you, you’re in luck — the toilet floats, too. 

The minimalist trend continues to reign supreme, and “seamless design” in general is becoming more and more popular. Floating storage and plumbing is evidence of this, as well as the continuance of a muted and limited color palette. Another way that this is continuing it into the shower. Many designers are choosing to forgo the shower dam and instead allow a slight floor slant to drain water. Others are also choosing floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure, which keeps small bathrooms looking taller and wider instead of dividing up the space. 

If you are working with a small space, try a side-mounted faucet. This is good for bathrooms that can only afford the space for a narrow sink and it’s visually interesting. When you are looking for your faucets and knobs, don’t run straight for 2018’s copper. Instead, try pewter, gunmetal, and even tarnished nickel. These metals still make a statement without being quite as bold as copper or brass. Hardware is looking good when exposed for a bit of an industrial vibe, and is even being paired with concrete. Don’t be afraid of concrete making your bathroom look too cold or stark, because it takes on a sleek look when it’s put together with wood and the exposed hardware.
2019’s bathroom trends are also leaning away from the large, statement circular mirror, and adding a bit of edge — literally. This year try out a rounded rectangle-shaped mirror for your vanity. Alternatively, place your vanity in front of a window for the framing effect of a mirror with the bonus of natural light and fresh air. 

All of these minimalist designs leave room for you to give your bathroom your own personal touch, be that in the form of a statement wall, rug, or art piece. The whole point is to make this room as relaxing as peaceful as possible — your own personal spa. If you want more zen in your life but aren’t ready to make a huge change, simply try adding a candle or some plants to your bathroom. Even a few sprigs of eucalyptus hung from the showerhead can make a difference. Now, time to relax!

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