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Friday, June 29 2018
Plumbing Maintenance for Home in Bucks County, PA

Did you know that your home plumbing system comprises almost 20 percent of your total home value? That’s a significant amount. As a homeowner, you might want to think about more beneficial ways to keep up on your plumbing maintenance to protect your important investment.

An efficient plumbing system allows you to have access to clean, fresh water. Clean water is significant in relation to good health. It is important for hygiene and it is one of the conveniences that we expect with modernized living. A properly functioning plumbing system is an asset during times of drought or during times of community need.

  • Kitchen

Most kitchen drains get clogged because of too much debris getting shoved down the pipes. If you want to prevent clogged drains, then it's recommended that you keep grease, butter and oil away from your drains because these will only congeal in the pipes and block water flow.

Incorrect use of the garbage disposal can also pose problems for your plumbing system. Try to follow these recommendations when using your garbage disposal: always run the faucet when using the disposal, never put fibrous foods, such as celery or banana peels down the disposal and always allow the cold water to run for at least 15 seconds after using the disposal.

  • Bathroom

Many people complain of clogged bathroom drains, as well. You can reduce the likelihood of clogs by following a few plumbing maintenance tips: reduce your use of bath oils and use drain screens to prevent hair from traveling down the drain, wait ten minutes between showers to maintain good water pressure. You should also avoid flushing anything down your toilet aside from human waste and toilet paper.

Try to check your pipes weekly so that you prevent small problems from becoming large problems. A few weekly plumbing maintenance tips include: checking for leaks under the sink as well as testing sink and shower drains for drainage speed.

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Thursday, June 14 2018
Builder-Grade Bathroom Redesign Ideas - Bucks County, PA

            Do you ever browse at home decorating magazines and wish that you could upgrade your bathroom like the pros? It might seem like a dream but rest assured that builder-grade bathrooms are possible, even for the DIYer. If an acrylic-crystal faucet or an oak vanity decked out in a wild shade of orange is your dream, then look no further. Barner Murphy has a few quick builder-grade bathroom ideas that will satisfy even the hardest to please remodeler.

            If gutting the entire bathroom isn’t an option, then Barner Murphy is here to help. To make the best of what you already have in your bathroom and to avoid breaking the bank, simply create a quick list of what you wish to accomplish and then give us a call so that we can help you get started. The options are practically endless when it comes to builder-grade bathrooms. Here’s a few ideas to get you going:

  • Frameless mirrors

Oftentimes, a frameless mirror is part of the package in a builder’s special home. Many of these are large, so it pays to use them to your advantage. Upgrade whatever you can with fluted door casing to maximize the effects of the mirror. 

  • Framed showers

Another possibility in the bathroom is a shower-door upgrade. A simple framed shower door enclosure can be designed to make the space look like a factory window. You can accomplish this for around $50 or less with just a little bit of spray paint and some attractive trim.

  • Bright vanities

You can change a less-than-desirable vanity into something beautiful with a little bit of imagination. Try a few shades of paint to discover which you like best and then go to town. You’ll be surprised what a nice paint job can do to the space. As a finishing touch, you can add some custom knobs, too.

  • Board-and-batten

Using board-and-batten can add character to any space, whether large or small. Many people can create a custom look with board-and-batten for around $30 in lumber.

  • Custom floor

If you really aren’t impressed with the floors that are currently in the bathroom, then create a new look with vinyl. This is much less expensive than stone or tile. You can create a beautiful, custom look with patterns and shapes.

If you'd rather not tackle even minor fixes, call Barner Murphy for quality plumbing and remodeling in Montgomery and Bucks County.

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