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Tuesday, January 23 2024
The Importance of Quality Water Filtration Systems: A Deep Dive

You may have friends or family members with water filtration systems and wonder why they’re important. After all, you can go buy a little pitcher for filtering your water. A quality home water filtration system is vastly different. Having one offers several benefits, not the least of which is clean, safe water. 

What’s in Your Water?

Nearly everyone goes to get a glass of water from the sink with little thought. The reality is that your water contains chemicals, chlorine, bacteria, and pesticides, any of which could affect your health or that of infants, immune-compromised family members, or older adults. Some illnesses triggered by contaminated water include kidney stones, colds, and hepatitis A. In fact, the importance of quality water filtration systems inspired an information page on the Centers for Disease Control site regarding water treatment technologies for the home, like those we offer at Barner Murphy.

Not everyone’s water is the same, meaning you need to choose the right filtration system for your home. You can begin by getting a water quality report from the local water authority. If you have a private well, you may want to reach out to a nearby cooperative for assistance. With your report tightly in your hands, you can determine what contaminants are most important to reduce. Filtration systems vary on what they remove.

Many people opt for a point-of-use system. In other words, it treats water from where you use water. By comparison, a whole-house treatment includes UV microbiological systems. The filter is adjacent to your water meter or storage tank.

Tastes Great?

Water filtration systems transform tap water, improving its flavor and smell (yes, water has a flavor!). This, in turn, encourages more water consumption, something that contributes to personal hydration and better health. Having filtered water for boiling or cooking can improve the overall flavor profile of what you eat, too.

Going Green

Water filtration systems reduce plastic waste by providing sustainable water without bottles. Single-use bottles contribute significantly to landfill waste. The production of bottled water is energy-hungry compared to quality water filtration systems. And there are more environmental benefits as well. 

For example, because filtered water comes right out of your tap, you’re less likely to go out to buy bottled water from natural water resources. It’s less expensive, too. It’s noteworthy that some bottled water brands do nothing more than re-bottle plain water. 

An investment in a quality filtration system reduces your carbon footprint. It’s an eco-friendly (and user-friendly) alternative that provides clean water instead of buying it.

Barner Murphy’s Help in Choosing and Installing Your Water Filtration System

Barner Murphy offers the best service system in Buck’s County, PA. We can review the importance of quality water filtration systems and then go on to review what’s best for your home. With a team of master plumbers, we guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

Don't hesitate to call our office at 215-945-8560 or use our online contact form for more information.

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