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Tuesday, May 21 2024
Dealing with Emergency Plumbing Situations: What to Do Until Help Arrives

Plumbing problems can arise at any time. Somehow, however, it seems it’s always the worst possible moment. You have company. You’re heading out of the house. Truthfully, there isn’t really a great time for plumbing to go awry. The best way of dealing with emergency plumbing situations is to have a good idea of your next best steps.

Making That Call

At Barner Murphy, we repeatedly get calls in which the first words are, “I need help!”. After all, minimizing the damage is your priority. Absolutely reach out to a plumbing professional immediately. But try to use one you trust. Some companies are more than happy to overcharge you because it’s an emergency, and they can play on your worries. 

Our professionals at Barner Murphy will respond quickly to your problems. After they arrive, they will inspect your property and give you an estimate before any work begins. Throughout the process, we will also offer information on keeping things safe in the future. One of our missions is maintaining a strong foundation of trust with all our clients.

Should you Do it Yourself?

The internet is replete with self-help guides on plumbing problems. That’s all well and good, but you probably don’t have time to wade through instructions at the moment. This is doubly true if you have no experience with plumbing other than your hot water tank! Take care, as trying to repair the issue completely yourself may create more damage.

It’s worth noting that some aspects of plumbing require a Licensed individual and/or permits from your town. 

Common Emergency Plumbing Situations: What to Do

No matter the situation, it’s important to think about safety. There are some hazards, like slick floors, that plumbing problems can create. Keep your eyes peeled.

Clogged Pipes

One of the most common problems people face is clogged pipes. While this might not sound like an emergency, when your toilet backs up, it quickly becomes one. Turn off your water valve to avoid overflowing. Lay down towels to soak up excess water. Before using any chemicals (some of which can damage your pipes), try hot water and a plunger. When the clog refuses to budge, it’s time to seek experienced help. 


Sewer backups are worse than clogs because they pose a health hazard. This is considered a high-priority emergency plumbing situation. Contact an expert. Depending on the severity, you may also have to contact whatever company handles the public sewers in your area.

Water Leaks

Then there are leaks. Leaks can be sneaky. You may not know about them until some damage is done. When you do discover a leak, make sure to unplug any nearby appliances. If items are easily damaged by water, move them to a dry space. Grab some towels to keep lingering water to a minimum. Then, give Barner Murphy a call, and we’ll come out to appraise the situation and fix it properly.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are worse than leaks. This creates the scenario for far more potential water. So, your first best step is to turn off the water supply. Call a professional plumber. While you wait for their arrival, clean up as much of the water as you can.

Barner Murphy: Fast, Efficient, Dependable

Our master plumbers at Barner Muphy are no strangers to dealing with emergency plumbing situations. We pride ourselves on quality work you can depend on. Give us a call at our Levittown, PA office (215-945-8650). We have an online contact form, too, but a phone call yields a swift response.

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