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Monday, April 30 2018
Bathroom of the Future

            Are you a homeowner who’s wondering what the latest bathroom trends are? Maybe you’re interested in a bathroom of the future, which combines great design with futuristic features. At Barner Murphy, we help all of our customers reach their goals through bathroom design and renovation. We’ve been keeping up on the latest trends and have a few futuristic bathroom ideas to share.

            Digital shower controls are the wave of the future. Most of us are used to turning a handle to activate a stream of water before stepping into the shower. Now Smart systems like the U by Moen have stepped into the picture and they’re offering shower control right from the control of your phone. You can even use a voice or control panel if you want.

            With one of these Moen shower controls, you can even turn your shower on and off. You can set up showering preferences, as well. These allow you to control the temperature and create personalized presets in the app. In addition, you can even control the shower with your voice because the smart system works with Alexa-enabled devices. With such high-tech options coming our way, the options for bathroom design are virtually endless.

            Smart mirrors are another design that you might want to consider when planning the design for your bathroom of the future. This kind of mirror has the ability to control your shower as well as your bathtub, faucet and toilet.

            In addition to all of the interesting, hi-tech bathroom options out there now, many people are opting for a holistic addition to their home, too. Bathrooms often serve as sanctuaries where people can relax and unwind. To satisfy this need for peace and serenity, many bathrooms of the future now incorporate soaking tubs and rainfall showerheads to create a desired ambiance.





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Friday, April 20 2018
Master Plumbers of Bucks County

If you are a new home-owner or someone who is simply interested in buying a home, then Barner Murphy can be of assistance. Formed in 1996 by Stephen Barner and Barry Murphy, the team now provides plumbing services for those who need reliable and quality services. Barner Murphy’s mission is to offer excellent customer service for anyone who needs plumbing services in the Bucks County area.

The Barner Murphy team provides customers with a host of services, including both plumbing and bathroom remodeling services. When it comes to providing the level of expertise that’s required to complete a project with customized care, their crew knows exactly how to make it happen.

Each plumber at Barner Murphy is an expert when it comes to both plumbing issues and bathroom projects. Whether it’s a simple issue that needs to be addressed or a major project that needs to be completed on a deadline, their team can help. Any call to Barner Murphy is handled with efficiency to guarantee that your plumbing issue or bathroom remodel is completed with expert care.

Barner Murphy is a qualified, master plumbing team that handles a wide range of plumbing issues for the Bucks County and surrounding area.  We know that it can be problematic to have a plumbing issue that is out of your scope of knowledge, and we do whatever we can to handle problems promptly and professionally.

At Barner Murphy, we’ll do whatever we can to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our efforts.  If you’re worried about cost, our team will do whatever possible to see that your budget isn’t compromised.  We rely on customer satisfaction and we take great pride in our work.  The next time you need a plumber to help you tackle a problem, big or small, give us a ring and we’ll see what we can do.

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