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Sunday, December 25 2016

Every home owner knows that preparing your home for winter is critically important to both safety and comfort.  If you are a first-time home owner, it might seem like a lot of work in the beginning, yet with the right preparation you’ll be on your way to a winterized home that is both safe and efficient for you and your family.  If at any point you feel like you need the voice of an expert, the crew at Barner Murphy is here to help with advice and suggestions.

One of the first ways that you can work to prepare your home for winter is by making sure to avoid frozen pipes.  It’s important to keep an eye on your water pressure this time of year since the first sign of frozen pipes is usually restricted water flow from one of the faucets inside your home.  It’s important to make sure that if you do notice restricted water flow that you call on someone to help remedy the issue.  At Barner Murphy, we’re here to help make sure that frozen pipes aren’t a headache that you need to deal with.

Another winter plumbing tip is to turn on the water in your faucet and let it trickle at night.  Allowing your water to trickle out at night, when the temperature is coldest, allows you to help keep the water in motion.  This eliminates the chances of the water actually freezing, and you don’t have to worry about frozen pipes.  Another quick tip along the same lines is to disconnect your garden hoses that might still be connected outside.  Disconnecting garden hoses helps decrease the chances of ice forming and pressure building up inside your home’s water line. 

Another winterizing plumbing tip is to make use of the shut-off valves that are located inside your home.  Doing so helps to drain the water from pipes that lead to outdoor hose bibs.  These valves are typically found underneath sinks. In crawl spaces or basements, or near your water heater or meter.  Take some time to get familiarized with these valves before the dead of winter hits so that you can handle the preparation without feeling pressured to do so when you’re least expecting it.  At Barner Murphy we can assist with any of your winter plumbing needs.  By following these tips you’ll be more prepared for winter than ever, and ready to meet Jack Frost head on.

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