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Tuesday, March 26 2019
When to DIY (and not) With Bathroom Remodeling

With tons of DIY bathroom remodeling tutorials swarming the internet, it’s easy to get pulled in to the fad.

And sometimes jumping on the DIY bandwagon is a good thing that can save you money.
But other times, DIY remodeling can cost you even more money down the road. 

Because, when it comes to bathrooms, there are certain parts that are tricky. And, if you don’t do them right, you could end up with a whole lot of mess to clean up. Literally.

So, before you roll up your sleeves and get your DIY gloves on- here are some tips on what to and what not to DIY when remodeling your bathroom.

Electricity – No!

Wiring is one of those things you want to stay clear of when considering DIY projects. For two reasons. One –open electricity circuits are dangerous. And, fooling around with exposed wires is extremely risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Two –you don’t just want your wiring to work, you want it to work well. Which means you want it done neatly and accurately. It’s easy to do a makeshift wiring job. But how long will that really last? That’s why it’s highly recommended to get a professional on site for your bathroom electricity needs.

Plumbing – No!

This is another ‘no’ on the list when it comes to DIY jobs. The reasons are mainly the same as electricity: if you don’t do it right, you can end up in a dangerous situation or with a hefty problem later on. And if anything goes wrong, well, it’s going to cost you a lot to redo everything that gets water damage.

Shower curtain – Yes!

Shower curtains are a super fun DIY project. Not only can you save money making a beautiful curtain, but you can also personalize and customize it when you do it yourself. Shower curtains can really pull a bathroom together (or tear it apart), so it’s a very important decorative feature. For this reason, go DIY on this one so you have full control over your bathroom’s look.
Mirror – Yes!

DIY mirrors are super fresh. They’re another feature that can really make or break the whole look of a newly renovated bathroom. But when you DIY, you can make it work the look exactly as you want. Which means, you don’t have to worry about finding ‘the one’, because you can make it yourself!

Tiling – Sometimes?

Okay, so here’s where it can get a little complicated. 
If you’re looking for a simple, low budget tile- then putting it in DIY-style might be another way to cut down on the cost. However, if you’re looking for a little more upscale tiling, with fancy patterns and mosaics –then it’s probably better to go the professional route. Crooked tiling and mismatched patterns are a big red flag when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Nobody wants to see that.  So, when deciding whether to DIY with the tiling, you’ve got to think about what kind of tiling design you’re going for.

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