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Monday, October 14 2019
Plumbing Industry Trends

Plumbing isn’t the first industry people think of when they hear about technological advancements.

But you’d be surprised at what technology can do for your plumbing system and the plumbing industry as a whole.

Read on to find out more.

Sustainable/Green Lifestyle

Interest in sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyles has increased dramatically in the past decade or so, thanks to increasing awareness surrounding pollution and the environment. Since plumbing involves water, it’s easy to see how this interest in a more “green” lifestyle would affect plumbing.

For one, efficient appliances are increasing in demand. An example of a this would be an efficient dishwasher. Not only do they save the owner on their water bill, but saving several hundred gallons of water a year is great for the environment.

In addition, plenty of plumbing retailers carry “green” products to help reduce the impact on the environment. These products are extremely beneficial to the point where plumbing companies are also recommending them.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is a term that defines a network of physical objects - usually things in your home such as your fridge, coffeemaker, or thermostat - that exchange data with each other. 

IoT is starting to see use in plumbing. For example, smart toilets can inform you of any leaks and suggest you ways to improve water efficiency.

Dishwashers that use IoT technology can alert you to potential appliance problems before they arise, potentially saving you thousands and a lot of headaches.

Granted, IoT-able fixtures are very expensive at the moment, but they should become more attainable as technology advances.


Touchless fixtures use motion sensors to perform their function, rather than relying on human touch to push a lever or turn a handle. These are already quite common in commercial establishments; for example, a toilet that flushes hands-free.

These fixtures are starting to find their way into residences too. People are installing hands-free sinks and toilets in their homes for increased convenience as well as to keep their hands and bathroom surfaces cleaner when using the bathroom.

Self-Cleaning Devices

Few people actually look forward to cleaning out their toilets. Fortunately, manufacturers have heard these complaints, so now self-cleaning toilets and other self-cleaning plumbing devices are becoming more common. 

Usually, the self-cleaning mechanism is activated with the push of a button. For example, a self-cleaning toilet might have a button that, when pushed, releases toilet cleaner into the bowl and begins scrubbing it clean.

Self-cleaning devices, especially toilets, are also designed to make getting dirty harder to reduce the need to clean in the first place.

Tankless Water Heaters

Like touchless fixtures, tankless water heaters are a long-time commercial plumbing device that has recently made its way into a few households thanks to cost and efficiency advantages over traditional water heaters.

See, traditional water heaters require you to wait for a storage tank to fill with hot water before you can use it.

Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand. When you turn on the hot water, cold water flows via pipe to the tankless water heater. There, the water is heated using either gas or electricity. 

This increases your energy-efficiency when it comes to heating the water, saving you money. 

Tankless heaters tend to cost more than traditional water heaters, but that higher cost is offset by your energy savings. In addition, tankless heaters last longer (sometimes twice as long) as normal water heaters. Even then, many have easily replaceable parts so you can make them last a lifetime.

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