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Wednesday, April 08 2020
The Benefits of Having a Sump Pump and a Backup System

Sump pumps removing water from basements and crawl spaces, transferring the water to your waste removal system.

Although sump pumps are vital to preventing water damage and its accompanying effects, your sump pump may break at some point. As a result, installing a backup sump pump will provide optimal protection.

Sump pump and backup system installation is one of our specialties here at Barner Murphy. Read to learn more about these systems.

Sump Pump Benefits

Let’s look at some of the biggest reasons why you need a sump pump in your home.

Prevents Water Damage

The main reasons to have a sump pump is to drain away water that may slowly cause damage.

Prevent Flooding Damage

Sump pumps are excellent at dealing with slow water buildup, but they shine when it comes to basement flooding.

See, when heavy rain hits, your basement could quickly gain several inches of water — water that can damage your basement itself as well as any possession you store down there.

Sump pumps funnel that water away to minimize the damage.

Prevent Mold/Mildew Buildup

Mold and mildew thrive in wet environments. When water gets into your basement, the mold and mildew growth can damage your home as well as cause health problems — especially for those who have asthma or other breathing issues.

Sump pumps keep mold and mildew at bay, protecting the health of your and your family.

Reduce Electrical Fire Chances

Water in the basement can short-circuit appliances down there, leading to fires. The little old sump pump can stand guard against life-threatening electrical fires by preventing water buildup.

Backup Sump Pump Benefits

Sump pumps are excellent devices, but they may fail or become overwhelmed by the amount of basement water buildup. In that case, backup sump pumps carry numerous advantages.

Increased Sump Pump Capacity

Sump pumps can process a lot of water, but not always at an optimal speed in cases of bad flooding. An additional sump boosts the amount of water you can drain from your basement.

Missed Maintenance

Sump pumps require maintenance every so often. The problem is that since your sump pump is situated in the floor, you may not notice that it needs maintenance until it’s too late.

That backup sump pump still provides drainage while allowing you to notice that the first sump pump may be out of commission.

Battery Power

The same weather that leads to flooding can cause power outages. Should your sump pump draw electricity from the grid, it will be useless.

Backup sump pumps tend to use batteries — when your regular sump pump fails, you’ll still be protected.

As you can see, sump pumps and backup systems keep costly, nasty damage at bay. To learn more about the benefits of sump pumps and backup systems, call Barner Murphy today. We provide sump pumps and backup systems to Bucks County residents, and we enjoy educating out customers on their benefits.

Photo Credit - Sump Pump Advisor

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