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Tuesday, December 01 2020
Plumbing Catastrophes That Are More Common Than You Think

Taking care of your plumbing isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. It’s work. 

But you can’t avoid proper upkeep. The consequences of neglecting your plumbing system will cost you heavy in time, money, and stress.

With that in mind, here are some common yet disastrous occurrences we see in many peoples’ plumbing systems.

Water Backflow

Unfortunately, sickness can sometimes come from your own water supply. In most of these cases, it’s due to water backflow — which happens when contaminated water enters your clean water supply.

Backflow prevention devices can help mitigate this threat. These devices force water to flow only one way.

Installing these devices incorrectly can cause dangerous consequences, though. It’s best to call a professional.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are more than an annoyance. Clogs left untreated can cause a variety of issues.

For one, the water can get blocked up and cause a pipe to burst — leading to an expensive headache.

It gets worse, though. These clogs also provide a breeding ground for bacteria or mold, which can threaten the health of those in your home — especially if any members of your household have breathing issues.

Leaky Pipes

Leaks can be hard to catch, as their results seem innocuous at first. But as the leaks build up over time, they will saturate the wood and drywall in your home. This will create areas where mold can thrive. Additionally, the water may reach your electrical wiring and you could risk an electrical short.

The earlier you spot a leak, the better.

If you see any unexplained wetness or staining in your walls or on your floor, or if either feels warmer or colder than it normally should, you might have a pipe leak on your hands. Fix it yourself if you are 100% confident in your ability to do so; otherwise, call a plumber for help.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes face a lot of threats, as you can see. As the weather gets colder, frozen pipes become more of a danger. The frigid air can reach any under-insulated parts of your home (such as under the sink), and freeze the pipes solid.

Water expands when it freezes, meaning these pipes will likely burst. If you don’t properly insulate your pipes and/or address any frozen pipes as soon as possible, you could lose hundreds of gallons of water.

Make sure all pipes are well-insulated where possible. For your pipes under the sink, consider putting a small space heater in the cabinet to keep warm water flowing through the pipes.

Are you seeing any of these issues yourself? Do you want a plumber to take a look at your plumbing and make sure you aren’t at risk of a plumbing catastrophe? Contact Barner Murphy. 

Our professionals work quickly and efficiently to get your plumbing system back on track — with minimal disruption to your life. Call us today!

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