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Monday, February 20 2023
How Do You Clean Your Washing Machine?

Did you know that your washing machine needs to be washed? Sure, we run water and detergent through the machine. However, that water pulls out dirt and grime that can build up over time. If you’re noticing smells when you open your washer or after running it, it’s probably time to give it a good clean. So, how do you clean your washer?

Give Your Washer a Good Rinse

Before you clean your washing machine, it’s a good idea to give it a rinse first by running its self-cleaning cycle. Your washer’s user manual has instructions on how to use the self-cleaning cycle. This will give your washer a basic cleaning. If you notice minor odors, then you can add baking soda to help clear them away. However, if you notice a mildew or mold smell, you should add white vinegar or bleach instead.

Do You Have a Septic System?

If you’re on a septic system, using bleach to clean your washer is a bad idea. You can do damage to the septic ecosystem. If you have a septic system, substitute white vinegar anywhere that we mention using bleach, including with the self-cleaning cycle.

How to Clean a Top-Load Washer

If it’s been a while since you cleaned your washer, or it needs a deep clean, then you’ll want to do more than simply run the self-cleaning cycle. If you have a top-load washer, you’ll want to use these instructions to clean it.

  1. Empty the washing machine of any clothes, dirt, and debris
  2. Set the washer on its largest load size and the hottest water cycle
  3. Fill the washer tub with hot water and pause the machine before the agitation cycle begins
  4. Add 4 cups of bleach directly to the water
  5. Allow the machine to run through its wash, rinse, and spin cycles
  6. Clean the soap, bleach, and fabric softener dispensers
  7. Fill the machine with hot water again
  8. Add 4 cups of white vinegar
  9. Allow your washer to run through its complete cycle

As you can see, washing a top-load machine is straightforward. Remember not to use bleach if you have a septic system. Instead, you’ll run white vinegar in steps 4 and 8.

How to Clean a Front-Load Washer

Like with a top-load machine, washing a front-load machine is simple. However, the process contains key differences that take into account the machine’s design.

Empty the machine of all clothes, dirt, and debris

Fill the detergent and bleach dispensers with bleach

  1. Run the machine on the normal cycle with warm water
  2. After the cycle is complete, wipe down the door gasket. If it is moldy or smelly, use a toothbrush to scrub it with a vinegar/water solution
  3. Thoroughly dry the door gasket with a dry cloth or towel
  4. Following the instructions in your user’s manual, remove the dispenser drawers and clean them
  5. If the machine’s interior feels greasy, wipe it down with a household spray cleaner or complete steps 1 & 2 again
  6. Run a short cycle with warm water (do not add any bleach or vinegar)
  7. Dry the interior of the machine and door gasket

Once you complete those steps, you should have a nice, clean machine.

How Often Should I Clean my Washer?

Generally, you only need to clean your washing machine every three to six months, depending on how frequently you use it. If you notice that you still have odors, even when you wash it every three months, you may have more serious problems with your sewer line.

Who Should I Call for a Sewer Inspection?

Ensure you receive quality service by coming to the best. Contact Barner Murphy today to schedule your sewer inspection or repair.

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