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Thursday, June 13 2024
Beating the Heat: How to Prevent Plumbing Problems During Summer Heatwaves

Many of us look forward to cool showers during the summer. They help us cool down and beat the heat. Unfortunately, the hot weather can damage our plumbing systems. The water may not be there when we need it most.

So how can you prevent summer-related problems from damaging your plumbing system? Read on to find out.

What are Common Summer-Related Plumbing Issues?


Leaks are prone to occur when hot weather causes pipes to expand. You can avoid leaks with the following practices:

·  Wrap Exterior Pipes: Wrap rags and towels around exterior pipes and secure them with duct tape. Doing so will support them during the summer. Leaks will be less likely to occur. It will also protect them from cold in the winter.

·  Limit Water Use: Summer is when we use more water, but increased water use can put pressure on your pipes and increase leak risk. Be mindful of the water you use. Avoid using multiple water sources at the same time.

·  Check for Leaks: Look for signs of leaks to prevent a small problem from getting worse. Damp spots, stains, bulges in the walls and ceilings, mold, high water bills, and low water pressure are common leak indications. If you suspect a leak, shut off all water sources in your home and check the water meter. If it’s running, your pipes may be leaking.

Low Water Pressure

A leak can cause low water pressure, but it can also be caused by excessive water use during the summer. This is another reason to be mindful of your water use.

Tree Root Infiltration

The summer is the time when plants and trees grow the most. They often grow towards plumbing systems when they seek out water. They can wrap around or grow into underground pipes and cause damage.

There are several ways to prevent trees from growing into pipes. Here are some tips:

·  Pipe Liners: Pipe liners can support pipes. Installation does not require underground digging. They will deflect roots away from your pipes to prevent damage.

·  Root Barrier: Root barriers act as a barrier between tree roots and underground pipes. They will contain the roots so they don’t grow into your plumbing system.

·  Remove Trees Near Plumbing Systems: No one likes to cut down trees, but if a tree is about to grow into your plumbing system, it may be the best option.

·  Trim Tree Roots: A professional tree trimmer can trim your tree roots so they don’t interfere with your pipes.

·  Install PVC Pipes: PVC pipes are strong and resistant to tree root growth. If you don’t have PVC pipes, consider an upgrade.

·  Install an Air Gap Filtration System: These systems can break up sediment, dirt, rust, and tree roots to prevent blockages in your system.

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Barner Murphy can help you solve many of the plumbing issues that occur when temperatures rise. We have been serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas since 1996. We are a plumber you can trust.

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